How to Plan a Residential Move for a Large House

How to Plan a Residential Move for a Large House

Overwhelming as it may seem, moving from a large home doesn’t need to be quite as daunting as you might expect. With some forward-thinking and a plan, your move can be so much less stressful than it need be. Following these necessary steps will assist you with your moving preparation and give you an idea of where you need to begin.

One Room At a Time

This residential moving company recommends breaking down the big mouthful of the moving process into smaller bites. Choose one room in your home where you would like to begin. Bring four containers (boxes, bags, or totes) with you into the room of your choice, and label each container as follows:

  • Trash
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Keep

Once you have done this, it’s decision-making time. Sort every belonging in that particular room into the boxes (you may need more containers, depending on the volume of your belongings).

Organize your belongings in different boxes.

Of course, the more items that you are willing to let go of will lessen the amount of packing that you will need to do later. Allow yourself 1-2 days per room of your house to accomplish this task. Doing so will alleviate the pressure of trying to make quick decisions that you may regret in the future. Label the larger items such as furniture and appliances that will not fit into the containers with one of the above categories. You may put the things away that you will be keeping if you aren’t moving immediately, and store your “donate” and “sell” items until you have completed this process in every room of your home. Properly dispose of the trash.

Donate and Sell

Now that you’ve sorted every room’s contents, it is time to dispose of the remainder of your unwanted items. Donate items to the charity of your choice and sell the rest. For items that you wish to sell, consider whether you want to have a moving sale, place ads, or list items on an online selling site. Any items that do not sell, you can donate as well.

Determine which items you’re going to sell, donate, or keep.

Time To Pack

Since you finished the sorting and your unwanted items are history, you may commence with packing your remaining belongings. Again, take this portion of the moving process one room at a time, allotting yourself plenty of time for each area. Label each container with the contents, and the room from which it came, so that unpacking in your next home will be much simpler. For each bedroom container, label the person’s name who occupies the space. For multiple guest rooms, consider assigning a number to the label “guest room” to keep items separated in the event you are moving to another home that will also have multiple guest rooms.

Following these guidelines will take much of the stress out of your moving experience. The sooner you start, the easier the transition will be for you and your family. Good luck and happy moving!

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